MidwestMenus.com Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s) 


How do you use the Midwestmenus.com site?
MidwestMenus.com was designed to be an easy way for consumers to find what they want to eat wherever they happen to be or want to be! Hence searching for a restaurant is easy and fun.
There are three basic ways to search for a restaurant from the home page:

By Location - Enter you locations either by selecting a city from the map or entering a city or zip code from the “enter address tab”. Your location will be saved during your current session while search for restaurants.

By Cuisine - select a cuisine from the home page and you will be able to narrow your search by location or feature

By Features (and services) - select a feature or service and you will be able to narrow your search by location of Cuisine
*Some restaurants will even allow you to search for them by menu items such as “Ribs”, “Chicken Alfredo” or “Cheese Fries”.


Who should use MidwestMenus.com?
MidwestMenus.com is for everyone. Anyone who is hungry and ready to find a dining establishments in Minnesota based on location, cuisine feature and/or menu item. Midwestmenus.com was designed based on matching you, the customer, with restaurants in your area. Maybe we can be considered the Restaurant to Consumer “matchmakers”.


What if a restaurant that I am looking for is not listed?
If the restaurant you are looking for is not in our database please click the nominate a restaurant tab and let us know we will get the information as soon as possible and let you know when the restaurant listing is available. The purpose of MidwestMenus.com is to allow consumers to find restaurants in their area and have the menus to order or prepare for dining.

What if I find a restaurant but the listing does not have a menu?
If your restaurant is listed and there is no menu available it is because we are still trying to work with the restaurant to send us a copy of their menu. Please click the “Recommend a Restaurant” tab and let us know. We will and make it a priority to get the menu and inform you when it is available.

Why is there more information available for some restaurant sites than others?
There are different types of membership available for which restauranteurs can participate.. The level of membership is the choice of the restauranteur. Hence if a restaurant’s membership is at a higher level the benefit is that is allow them to market and advertise more information to you, the consumer. However, every level of membership ensures that MidwestMenus.com provides you the ability to search restaurants in your area have vision of the restaurant’s menu and a telephone number to place an order or ask a question. If this basic information is not available (or not current/correct) please let us know by sending an email to

Why do the coupons expire so quickly?
Coupons are valuable, strategic and precise marketing tools used by restaurants, therefore restauranteurs need to be able to add and change their coupon offers often. Often there are market conditions that allow members to offer you specials with short notice.With each coupon expiring on the following day it allows the restauranteurs the ability to give new offers as often as they wish. If you check for new coupons often you will always have the best deals available.


Can I share a restaurant or Menu with friends or co-workers?
Yes, you can share. MidwestMenus.com was designed based on the ability for people to collaborate and order together with our restaurant listings. In fact you can share any page from MidwestMenus.com by clicking on the “Share this Page” button in the upper right hand corner of the any page on the site.

Can I save my favorite restaurant sites so I don’t have to search for them everytime?
Yes! You can use the “My Account” to save multiple locations as well as store your favorite restaurants. There is a “add to favorites” link on each restaurant page as well as on each listing on a results page, that will add the restaurant you choose to your favorites.